Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch gaming console

Nintendo Switch – Most unique console of the time

While other consoles and even the PC are regarded as powerhouses, the Nintendo Switch gave us a portable gaming option full of utility. It appears that Nintendo knew that trying to approach the so-called “console wars” with the common strategies like one-upping hardware wouldn’t be profitable, and so we’re left with this extremely stylish device.

Nintendo Switch Technical Summary

  • Produced by Nintendo
  • 720p visuals. 32 GB of storage. USB and microSD slots.
  • Portable console that can also display on big screens.
  • Comes with a dock that itself comes with AC and HDMI.
  • Motion control controllers (also with regular buttons).
  • Unique game selection


The switch is a tiny and rather ergonomic device. It still packs some power with its HD display but you’ll find that its exclusive games aren’t very intensive on graphics.

Switch ports of modern games often have to make compromises to properly run on the device. Intensive games may have moments of stuttering or low FPS.


The full power of the Switch is in how adaptable it is. First of all, you’re getting a portable console that can play modern games. Yeah, they’re going to look worse than on other consoles on PC, but this isn’t to say they’ll look bad, and the gameplay is there, no matter where you are.

Second, the switch controllers is masterful. Featuring thumbsticks as well as traditional buttons, these are perfectly fine for most games. You can get other controllers, of course, but that’s up to preference.

The motion controls are also more advanced than ever before, and considering that the Switch sees plenty of Wii games, it’ll be put to good use.

Lastly, there’s a whole bunch of documented hacks for the device, which can greatly increase its potential. Be careful about such things, though.

nintendo switch with mario game

Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch would be nothing without its library of exclusive games. The Mario titles alone are compelling, but the switch also gets Smash, Fire Emblem titles, Splatoons and Breath of the Wild just to name a few. It’s refreshing to see that a console going for a full-on technical approach still has great exclusives.

The switch is also home to non-exclusive games (Doom, Octopath Traveler, etc) as well as NES games. The online service, while it has its flaws, is still a breath of fresh air compared to the usual approach for these old titles which tends to involve collecting, refurbishing, buying replica systems or emulating.

The Nintendo Switch is also about to receive SNES and Megadrive/Genesis games in the near future, making it a go-to for easy, legal retro gaming. Lastly, games with motion control (such as Wii games) are compatible.

Further Support

While Sony and Microsoft are already racing to put out their next-generation consoles, Nintendo is keen on building up the Switch even more with exclusive titles, improvements to the online service, new releases and such. It’s entirely possible that new versions of the console will also be released in the future.

Until then, the Switch Lite may interest you – a weaker but more affordable version of the device.

In the meantime, the Switch enjoys plenty of accessories such as other controllers, headphones, portable chargers and so on. Support is plentiful, as to be expected from big N.

Should you get it?

The case of the Switch is very to-the-point. But it If you enjoy the portable features or the extensive exclusive games. Don’t buy it if you prefer more powerful, non-portable consoles. Hold off if you’re unsure. It’s a safe bet that the Switch will still be around when new consoles come up, so waiting for prices to drop is also a solid strategy.

Lastly, while the hardware of the Nintendo Switch is good, don’t expect flawless graphics (though many of its games are made with its capacity in mind).

Overall, as long as you don’t personally dislike anything about it, the Switch is easily recommendable.

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