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PS4 Pro – Worth buying in 2019?

At time of writing, there are three major consoles. We have the Switch, the Xbox One and the PS4. While the Switch focuses on portable gaming, the Xbox and PS4 go head to head with raw hardware.

Here’s where the differences end, however, as the marketing strategy and benefits of both are vastly different, so let’s look at what makes the Playstation 4 Pro – the best version of the PS4, worth buying.

Let’s not forget that Playstation 5 is on its way in 2020 but the like every other new product it won’t come cheap. So if you can hang on with a PS4 pro for a bit that might be a good coice for you.

PS4 Pro Characteristics

  • Produced by Sony
  • Eight core AMD processor
  • 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage space
  • Three USB ports and an AUX port, comes with a DVD drive.
  • HDMI output and controller support
  • Exclusive games ahoy
  • VR support and improvements

What’s great about the PS4 Pro

  • Powerful hardware. While not as strong as the Xbox One X, the Pro can comfortably use 4k resolution, game in HD, and achieve smooth FPS. The only-slightly worse quality on big screens will affect the biggest graphics enthusiasts, and probably no one else.
  • Many PS4 games have access to “Pro Mode” which greatly increases their quality and playability.
  • Adaptable controller. This is a downscaled Dual Shock 4 controller variant that has both a wireless Bluetooth mode and a wired mode, and comes with a touchpad and lights. It’s lighter than previous controllers and a good input device overall.
  • Playstation 4 VR games have huge improvements on this version of the console, be it FPS or graphics wise.
  • Access to many exclusive games (as covered below)


There is surprisingly not much to talk about here. The Playstation 4 Pro on its own is a great machine, and many of its negative points simply come from comparison with the beefier Xbox One X. To start off, it has less support and integration for PC users, though it still allows streaming. The transfer system is simplistic and somewhat slow (regular PS4 users who upgraded may be inconvenienced), and as noted, the system is indeed weaker than the XB.

On more objective terms, we have the System’s redundancy on small screens. Users with large screens will see the benefits of this console while those with standard computer screens or smaller televisions may only see minor graphical improvements. What good is 4k without a physical 4k to place the image on? The lack of Blu-Ray support (especially 4k blu-ray) also hurts the system.
Exclusive Games

The PS4’s main attraction is its game library. Unlike Microsoft, Sony has invested deeply into giving the PS4 a bunch of great, unique titles.

God of War is obviously going to be the top game on the list, but you’ve got follow-ups like Uncharted, Bloodborne, Yakuza games, Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, Spider Man and so much more. This is THE console for modern game exclusives. While Xbox focuses more on raw hardware and Switch has fewer intensive games with more charm, this device got itself as many brands new, quality games as it could’ve.

Here’s the conclusions and advice we can draw from all of the above.

  • Only upgrade from a regular PS4 to a Pro if you have the 4k hardware to support it (or plan on buying it, of course).
  • Buying a PS4 just for the exclusive games is a perfectly viable move, especially considering how good some of these titles are, but beware backwards compatibility. Sony’s next release might do away with the exclusive status of some of these titles, so if you aren’t particularly impatient, waiting may help.
  • The PS4 can be seen as a budget version of the Xbox One X. It has hardware that’s almost as good and compensates in various ways.
  • Buying a Pro as opposed to a regular Playstation 4 Pro is a solid move If you’re a hardcore graphics enthusiast, but might not even be noticed performance-wise otherwise.

In conclusion, there’s nothing really wrong with this console. It has its upsides and downsides. Highly recommended if you know what you’re getting into.

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