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Top 10 gifts for gamers

10 Amazing Gifts for Gamers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone that loves playing video games?

Then you have landed on the right place! At we know what kind of gifts a gamer would love because we are gamers too!

From VR headseats and Gaming controllers to classic headsets, decorations and table games, there are plenty of choices.

We could have listed 20 or 30 items but we have shortlisted a top 10 just to make it easier to decide.

VR Gaming Headset

A VR headset is a must for gamers that have powerfull console like a playstaion 4 Pro or a Gaming PC for example. An all-in-one VR headset is the absolute best way to experience some of the biggest titles in VR, without the need of a separate hardware.

It is not a cheap gift but it’s definately a gift that will stand out.

Nintendo Switch Accessories Starter Kit

From rackets to steering wheels to charging docks, there are a lot of essential accessories that will take Nintendo Switch gaming up a notch.

So if someone has a Switch or getting a one soon then this is a perfect gift!

Switch GameCube-Style Controller

This GameCube-style USB controller for Switch comes with a ton of licensed styles to choose from.

Perfect for Super Smash Bros.ā„¢ Ultimate fans that want to have more controll on their game play.

Wireless Headset and Base Station

Every serious gamer has one of these! If not, they need to get one as the gaming experience is much much better through these!

5 GHz Wireless Technology, 15+ Hour Battery Life and Dolby 7.1 surround sound processing.

Like the VR headseats these dont come cheap but it’s a top notch gift!

Superior Gaming Chair

If we are talking about a serious gamer that is spending a lot of time playing MMO games then a comfy gaming chair is a must!

If they don’t already have one then this is your chance! Just make sure you pick a coulour they like because there are different styles and colours to choose from.

Great price range as well so you can adjust to your budget.

Super Mario LED Desk Table Lamp

Who doesnt know Super Mario? Most gamers have played or still playing Mario games!But even if you are not a gamer, this is a cool lamp anyway!

So this makes the Mario LED table lamp a great gift for many people.

Super Mario is a classic gaming figure and the LED lamp is a gift that stands out.

Canakit Raspberry Pi

If you havent heard of Rasberry Pi, believe me your gamer firend has. In short a Rasberry Pi is a mini computer.

Most gamers will love to have a canakit raspberry Pi so they can literally build their own mini computer, play retro games and do a lot more.

Monopoly Gamer Collectors Edition

This is not a classic accessory for a gamer and might look a bit boring compared top all the other gifts on this list. But imagine how cool gift it is for gamers and their firiends!

Nintendo character tokens include Bowser, Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong.

A perfect combination of a classic board game with video games that will come handy to social gatherings.

Portable Charger Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

The Portable Power Bank for Nintendo Switch is an ideal gift for someone that laready has a Switch.

Like every other rechargable device the problem is that at some point it running out of battery. If you are not at home this is a problem.

This is where this portable power bank brings the solution. Definately a gift that anyone with a Nintendo Switch will appreciate.

Gaming Consoles

Our last recommandation for a gift for a gamer is a gaming console! Ok maybe not one they alrady have but there are always alternatives! For example you dont want to get someone an Xbox One when they already have a PS4 Pro and vice versa.

However, you might want to consider getting someone a Nintendo Switch in this case. If they already have a switch then maybe its time for an Xbox or a PS4!

Alternatively if you just want a game for Xbox you can check our list with the top 10 Xbox One Games!

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