Playstation Classic

The Playstation Classic had (and still has) all the bases to be a wonderful retro console. Between the rather mediocre game selection, the high price and the other small annoyances, the device doesn’t seem to be worth your money.

We’ll go through the bits and pieces that make the device what it is, and let you decide whether or not you want one.

Playstation Classic at a glance

  • Made by Sony.
  • Costed $100 at first, but is available for far, far less due to its lackluster nature.
  • HDMI output and micro USB cable provided. No AC adapter though.
  • Emulates PS1/ games with PCSX ReARMed, as with other classic consoles, it doesn’t work with physical titles.
  • Comes with 20 games, some of which are good choices, while others…aren’t.
  • Comes with two great controllers, but lacks analog.

Playstation Classic Full Review

Why the PS Classic gets flak

Let’s cut to the chase – it’s the games. Previous systems such as the NES Classic and the SNES Classic had smaller issues of their own, such as the short controller cables that we once again see here. Despite that, they were still successful. This is because they came with games that kept people interested.

The PS Classic has a frankly terrible game selection. Of course, you’re going to find Final Fantasy 7 in there, along with staples such as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil, but a look beyond this may make you doubt Sony’s judgment.

Fine titles such as Armored Core and Parasite Eve are exclusive to the eastern versions, while equally impressive titles such as GTA and Rayman are exclusive for the western ones.

Even if we’d combine the entire games assortment, however, it’d still be extremely lackluster. There are decent games in there, but that’s not good enough for a system without innate emulation or physical capabilities.

They should’ve been the best, and they weren’t, and the people didn’t like it and still don’t.

Going past this fatal flaw, the PS Classic suffers from lack of analog on its controllers, rendering several games far more annoying than they have any right to be. The PAL titles available on the system also have a habit of behaving badly due to different display settings used. The emulation in itself is good, but not perfect.

While the NES and SNES classic utterly nailed it, seeing a few glitches here and there is to be accepted on this console.

Going past even that, the games have aged, especially the 3D titles, which make the bulk of the available games! Some will call the PS1 style charm, while others won’t stand to look at it.

But not all is lost

The PS Classic can be modded/hacked to play many other games. This solves its number one problem but is far from ideal (you may legally emulate games…if you already own them). Ultimately, buyers shouldn’t ever feel the need to resort to such measures to get mileage for their buck, but the fact that such feats are possible redeems plenty of value.

Aside from lacking analog, the controllers are still high quality.

Though the game selection is meh, there’s still some great titles in there on both regions.

The device looks good. It’s a neat replica of the original Playstation.


The PS1 Classic is a good gift option and a pleasant nostalgia trip that turns into regret at a brisk pace for many buyers. Reselling is common, which means that you can find these devices at rather low prices that may be worth what you’re getting. Buy it if you’re a collector or have nostalgia strong enough to override all of its flaws. Avoid it otherwise. It’s worth noting that this is yet another retro console that isn’t getting any additional games after release – quite a pity.