Top 10 Xbox One Games

Top 10 XBox Games

Top 10 Xbox One Games Right Now

Xbox One is a defiant console in this day and age, as it doesn’t resort to exclusivity deals nearly as much as its competitors. The result is a device with a vast amount of non-exclusive games, but typically greater performance than its competitors (and also greater price).

Despite this, There’s still a hierarchy, and there’s still some unique titles, despite their scarcity in comparison to other platforms.

Do note that many of these games are also playable on the PC, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that the Xbox One is a Microsoft release. You can also get all these games from the official Xbox store.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for you or someone who loves video games then these games are a great gift idea!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo’s back, though you might be surprised to see this collection take the front to Halo 5. This isn’t just a bundle of games – it contains the first four Halo titles, but they’re also given completely reworked graphics, and they’ve been fine-tuned for the hardware.

You’ll now be able to experience the very first Halo as well as the sequels as if they were made today.

For the last two games, this has somewhat less impact, but it’s amazing for some, especially original Halo fans, to see the first two titles in a new and updated light.

Sea of Thieves

This jolly sailor game has some flaws here and there but remains a great experience, especially with friends. An adventure full of exploration and combat alike, inspired by the myths and tales of sea pirates.

Player interaction is pretty high in Sea of Thieves, where other players can openly attack you and snag your loot.

The game’s environment is huge and you can sink days and days into checking it all out.

Too much water? Nah, it’s good.

Halo Wars 2

Another Halo game! Oversaturated? Nah – Nintendo puts out at least four games with the Mario name and gets away with it too, and now Master Chief follow suite…except he’s not really in this game…huh? HW2, while connected to the main series in lore and plot, is an RTS game that doesn’t play anything like the source media.

Halo Wars 2 features particularly merciless opponents and a wide set of strategic options that’ll make your brain tingle.

Fans of the RTS genre may be reminded of some CnC games as they experience this stunning offshoot of the Halo franchise. Some players have found the UI to be a bit too minimalistic, but it’s nothing major.

Forza Horizon 4

Considered to go-to racing game on the console, FH4 features a thrilling graphical experience and a weather system that changes the state of roads for more surprising and realistic gameplay.

Playing on your own is pretty fun, but racing against a friend or other folks online is where the real entertainment is at. A wide selection of vehicles, a beautiful environment and firm online features all make this a hit racing game title.

As a side-note, if you find yourself liking this type of game or the series in general, Forza Motorsport 7 offers a similar experience with further emphasis on the sheer number of playable vehicles, including some obscenely fast cars to race around with. Definitely look into it if you think Horizon 4 is neat.

Halo 5: Guardians

The story of Halo 5 is a tad controversial. While the prospect of having Chief as an enemy is quite exciting, many felt that the eviler enemies of the game – a certain alien race won’t be spoiled here, were rather lacking both in lineup and motivation.

The final battle was also considered entertainingly bland. With an introduction like this, you may assume that Halo 5 isn’t that good. You’d be sorely mistaken.

Where the campaign and storyline are decent, the multiplayer is leagues above, introducing new weapons, new ways to use said weapons, maps both innovative and nostalgic, a cool new aiming mode, etc. Halo was always a multiplayer hit, and thus this title can be fully appreciated despite any single-player flaws.

Gears of War 4

Gears of War always did its best to stray from the traditional, well-known shooter formula without outright removing its genre. The fourth installment brings us little innovation but a great amount of polishing and fine-tuning of the previous formula, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

With new locations, far better graphics that really showcase the dark sci-fi aesthetic, and thrilling gameplay as always, GoW4 is a perfectly serviceable game by all means. The multiplayer tends to be extremely tense compared to traditional shooters due to the added mechanics of the franchise, so give that a shot if you enjoy more adrenaline in your shooting experience.

Do note that the story isn’t anything remarkable save for a few moments, though.

Killer Instinct

Extremely unique fighting game. When Killer Instinct started out it was essentially a less serious take on Mortal Kombat. Now, the series has taken influence from both western and eastern fighting games to create this Frankenstein of a system.

The game, spanning several seasons, has proceeded to build the aforementioned system up with additional mechanics, balancing, and expansions of available characters, featuring all the familiar faces, brand new characters, and even guests like a Battletoad and the Arbiter.

The system features a huge amount of methods to rank up combos, combos, combo breakers and surprise attacks while blocking, special versions of moves, unique mechanics for each character (not just unique moves) a famed soundtrack, and even a roguelike-esque single-player mode!

This is very unique take on the fighting game genre, but it’s also fairly difficult to learn, and veterans of the genre will either love or hate all of the options that it offers.

Black Desert

This title started out as an exclusive but became available on the PS4 as well later, PC version aside, that is. The appeal of Black Desert comes from its extremely rich and detailed character editor, allowing you to make pretty much anything and anyone. Its large race and class diversity, and its uncapped mechanics also make the game stand out in comparison to traditional MMOs.

That’s right, you can keep playing Black Desert for ages upon ages without becoming “the best” or “the ultimate” at anything. The game is a huge open-ended experience.

While it has some meh factors when it comes to dungeons or raids, the non-stop progress you can experience, the huge and detailed world that you can explore, the extensive character creator, where you can save your setups, and the PVP experience all make this a great MMO for any enthusiasts of the genre looking for something new and/or different. The game at times feels eerily close to what a “real” MMO world would look like.

Quantum Break

An interesting blend of game and movie with its fair share of pros and cons. Quantum Break’s cutscenes and experimental movie features may leave some players with a sour taste, but the core gameplay – a fusion of action, shooting and time manipulation (yep, time manipulation!) are extremely unique and entertaining.

While at times you may feel that it needs less storytelling and more game, QB is still a highly enjoyable game for those who want something new and different. Its experimentalist nature (when it comes to the genre) may also appeal to anyone who’s looking for a breath of fresh air in a world of repetitive titles and mechanics.

Watch some gameplay and try the game out if you think you can play it without a hitch – you’ll see why it’s on this list!


Ashen is the Xbox’s take on the “Soulsborne” genre. It has its own versions of the typical mechanics and concepts of the genre. You have your stamina, your renamed, reskinned souls, and your renamed, reskinned estus flask.

Despite this, the game makes up with unique style – a more animated and cartoonish world that is nevertheless filled with the darkness these types of games are known for.

A wide selection of weapons and deadly enemies await. Bosses tend to be truly difficult and tough to crack, with many relying on you analyzing their patterns and weak points to become properly capable of fighting back.

Companions may follow you into battle, and these companions may be controlled by other players, which may not be noticed at first, leading to some very entertaining and surprising experiences.

The game also likes open areas far more than the Souls series and doesn’t try to lock you into confined ones as often. You can probably play Ashen for quite a while without realizing that it’s technically a Souls ripoff.

Video Games for Xbox and for PC

The Xbox is far more unbalanced, so to speak, than its fellow modern consoles: The Nintendo Switch and the PS4. It lacks the sheer amount of exclusive games, and many of its exclusives are shooters!

The Xbox strove to be a hardware-based seller as opposed to an exclusive-based one like its rivals. All of its titles are compatible with Windows 10 PCs and some are compatible with earlier OS versions too.

Even truly Xbox One-only games can still be streamed on PC.

With this in mind, the many non-exclusive games that tend to be available on both major consoles and the PC are where much of the Xbox One’s entertainment library comes from.

If you’re looking to make full use of the console for gaming, do consider checking out full lists of Xbox One games and ports.

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