Bring ruin to invading xenos in Alienation for the PS4

Bring ruin to invading xenos in Alienation for the PS4

Join the UNX military who are fighting on the home ground of the humans against an alien invasion. Take up arms and push back the xenos invading Earth, hero, your planet depends on you!

Developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Alienation is a loot-em-up game that executes in the style of Diablo with an isometric view and co-op gameplay, except with guns instead of sword-and-sorcery.

The theme of the game is that marines are trapped in the crumbling ruin of cities that are being overrun by aliens, the “alien nation” as it were, and need to fight their way out with every weapon at their disposal.

Get into the field and stop those aliens by any means necessary

Alienation is a stick-shooter set in an isometric field, players aim with their stick and fire a weapon to mow down aliens. It’s a tried-and-true battle model that can keep people entertained for hours.

Players have access to three different guns, that they can switch between at any time, and they follow a general “rarity” concept that’s been popularized by RPG games such as Diablo. The different weapons all have particular ranges, effects, and firing modes that follow a commonly understood style.

Reload is active: PS4 players must press the right stick to reload when they’re out of ammo. Once reloaded, they can resume mowing down xenos.

Each level is a broad instance map where the co-op players, up to four, must progress through killing as they go to complete particular missions and goals.

Firefights themselves are a crazy moshpit of alien hordes that can quickly overrun players who are not cutting them down. As a result, gameplay is fast, furious, filled with bullets and adrenaline.

One potential flaw of the co-op system is that the during combat, everything is “tethered” to the squad leader, keeping friendly players within a certain distance of them. This means that if a player meanders too far away from the leader, they will get yanked back to them and returned to their position. As a result, a leader to lags or dithers can really slow down players moving around.

Alienation -ps4

The future of war will be a neon-riot of aliens and explosions

The maps of Alienation are somewhat normal, boring-almost, with fields of grass and dirt, and run-down buildings and empty city streets to fight through. However, this sort of dulled-down background is a great contrast for the combat effects, which can only be described as if the marines picked up guns that belong in a nightclub.

Gunfire and abilities explode and flash with neon-bright colors that scatter electro-lime and electro-purple, and every other high-vibrance color that the imagination can entertain. As a result, combat scenes are a brilliant splash of abstract art and xenos blood.

Overall, the graphics and sounds mesh well together to give the game an arcade-like feel, but at the same time give it the perfect amount of visual presence to keep the players’ attention. In fact, it can get so intense sometimes it’s possible to miss important cues (such as getting on the helicopter).

It can certainly be possible to miss extraction because there were a few xenos left on the field to blow away with scintillating neon-filled bullets.

Alienation began invading Earth on PlayStation 4 in April 2016 worldwide.