Alone With You: A story about isolation for PS4 and PS Vita

Alone With You: A story about isolation for PS4 and PS Vita

Created by graphic novelist Benjamin Rivers, Alone With You is a game about a dying colony on a distant world done as a science fiction romance adventure. The player, the lone survivor of this colony, must determine what went wrong, and figure out how to escape before the place collapses around them.

Although the name of the game suggests that the player is totally alone, it’s not entirely the case as the player is “joined” by the colony’s artificial intelligence (in spirit, so to speak) which pipes up constantly with assistance and aid in how to navigate the colony and assistance on where to go and what to do.

The computer is presented as a fully-featured second character, with a personality, emotional needs, and fulfilling dialogue – so it’s a lot like having a companion and friend on the colony. In a lot of ways, it is in fact there “alone” with you throughout the adventure.

Alone With You is primarily a walking simulation and a puzzle game

Alone With You is a graphic novel in many ways, telling a story about the background of the dying colony as the player reconstructs why it’s dying and maybe how it failed by exploring each of its different segments.

It is presented as the player slowly unlocks each of its different parts in order to get components of the broken escape craft.

The art style is a sort of pixelated, but slightly true-to-life well-drawn artwork that seems to be taken-from-tablet in a point-and-click adventure style. This will be fairly standard to anyone who is used to any adventure game from the 90s onwards.

Most of the daytime in the game will be spent exploring the different modules of the colony – such as the mining center or the greenhouse – but the nights will be sent in the holographic center trying to get information out of the dead holographic crew.

In the end, everything dies; even the romance

There the player will hold conversations with old crewmembers in order to understand the workings of the colony. Each crew member has their own expertise. This will become the only actual human interaction the player will have in the entire game – not including the interaction with the AI, if that can be seen as “human” interaction.

Alone With You -PS4 and PS Vita

The simulations can express doubt and their own personal growth, but they too may be left behind when the colony is abandoned in the end. The holograms themselves don’t know exactly what happened to their colony – or why it broke down – but they do know how it works.

It’s hard to speak to the “romance” part of the game, because although the entire objective of the game is to escape the colony… It’s possible to romance the different “dead” holographic crew members they are still simulations of people who are dead and it’s hard to say where that might lead.

Alone With You began trying to escape from its colony in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016.