Bullet Girls Phantasia: Enjoy the anime fanservice and guns

Bullet Girls Phantasia

What do you get when you combine cute anime girls, guns, and a storyline that transports them to another dimension? You get Bullet Girls Phantasia, a third-person shooter that pits high-school-age girls against giant orcs and other monsters in what is quintessentially very Japanese-style video game entertainment.

BGP was developed by Shade and published by D3 Publisher, and most games in its series are only published in Japan. It is available through region-free imports.

From a gameplay perspective, BGP is a third-person horde shooter that pits players against the orcish and monster population of a fantasy world. Fortunately, the characters are the eight members of the Misakimori Academy’s Ranger Club, a school club that engages in military missions and activities.

This becomes quite important because the girls will need to defend themselves with heavy weaponry against rampaging fantasy orcs and other monsters. Weapons can include pistols, rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, swords, bows, spears, and magic staves, among many others.

Prepare for fanservice… Skirts, bras, panties, and destructible clothing

Then comes the anime fanservice, which, delicately put, can get extremely risqué. Players who are into this sort of thing for games and anime, then this will probably both titillate and interest.

There are a lot of animations for the girls that often involves showing their buttocks, shaking breasts, and plenty of chances to see their panties when they mantle over obstacles or fall down in combat.

Furthermore, the game includes a system where their clothing is slowly shredded as they take damage. This means that as battles progress, the girls do slowly lose clothing, revealing skin and lingerie.

In favor of gameplay, undergarments are also an equipment type that can affect the stats of the girls and is part of the upgrade chains. In what is a little bit of an unexpected twist, enemies can drop panties and bras for the girls to equip.

Bullet Girls Phantasia-PC

An additional “interrogation” mode just because the fanservice doesn’t go far enough

In addition to the horde-mode shooting game modes, where the girls have to mow down lots of orcs and other monsters, there’s also an extremely risqué game mode known as “intensive drilling,” which is pretty much groping and touching poorly veiled as anti-interrogation training.

This mode involves having the girls in strangely compromising situations, wearing what the usually wear (which is pretty much a variety of sexy schoolgirl costumes), where they then must “endure” interrogation processes that involve poking and prodding with hands, pacifiers, popsicles, and ice cream.

Of course, players who would prefer to be “interrogated” instead, there is a variation of the game mode where the girls use the same sort of touching, poking, and tools on the player. No doubt, this is all more part of the fanservice that the game is pressing for.

The game also does have a story – after all, how do you explain eight highschool girls being transported to a fantasy dimension – but it is quickly overwhelmed and set aside by the heavy use of fanservice.

Bullet Girls Phantasia transported itself to another dimension for PS4 and PS Vita in Aug. 2018, and released for PC on Jan. 16, 2020.