Everybody’s Golf brings the joy of golf to the masses and PS4

Everybody’s Golf brings the joy of golf to the masses and PS4

Although many gamers find their joy in first-person shooters and fantasy titles that thrust them into worlds beyond imagination, sometimes there’s a need to just sit down and do something a little more mundane. Maybe something like golf. Everybody’s Golf, developed by Clap Hanz and SIE Japan Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 does this extremely well. As the twelfth installment in the game series, it carries with it a long and storied tradition of creating highly-accessible golf games and also includes crossovers with other popular titles.

In EG, players will find a golf game that is designed to provide a certain level of challenge while also not punishing new players for learning to “address the ball.” It’s a nice mixture of slightly cartoonish with just enough simulation and reflexes with just enough physics consistency to get the job done and understand why (or when) things go wrong.

Golf may not be the most exciting game, but Everybody’s Golf is for everybody

In Everybody’s Golf players will find themselves taking to the fairway to test their skills against a fairly basic, cartoony landscape filled with everything a golf game should have: fairways, greens, rough regions, sand traps, obstacles, and sometimes waterways.

Preparing to strike the ball involve a process of addressing the landscape, with a provided “augmented reality” grid for lining it up and understanding how the ground is tilted and a meter for how hard to hit the ball. A swing is basically a reflex test with a “target” to hit with a rising meter, missing the mark can change the trajectory and power of the ball slightly (or dramatically).

Like in normal golf, it’s also possible to do tricky shots by adding topspin or slice to the swing, which can change the behavior of the ball in flight, or how it moves after it strikes the ground.

Understanding the advanced mechanics can really help on more advanced courses.

To make things just a little more difficult, there’s also weather mechanics in the game. It’s possible for a course to be a little windy – causing the ball to shift with the wind – and it can also rain.

Although golf represents most of the gameplay, it’s not the end-all be-all

Player customization is a big deal in Everybody’s Golf because it’s also a multiplayer game. Players may find themselves surrounded by other random players – or even their friends – in their own hub world, should they golf socially in the game.

Everybody’s Golf-ps4

As a result, players can customize almost every aspect of their golfer avatar. This allows them to get their “look” exactly how they like it for socializing. Golfing against computer opponents also rewards the player with their victory emotes so they can increase their repertoire as the game progresses.

Players can also customize their golf carts and the caddy who rides with them to assist with their gear and equipment.

Tired of golf? It’s also possible to go fishing! Why have ponds and other water traps on a golf course filled with fish if it’s not possible to get out a rod and catch some?

Everybody’s Golf started putting worldwide in August 2017 for the PlayStation 4.