Gato Roboto will fill all your robot cat needs for the Switch

gato roboto switch

Meow! Sometimes your cat crashes your ship into an alien planet where there’s platforming and bullet hell gameplay. That’s why your cat, named Kiki, needs a robot exosuit so that she can get the job done. That’s not necessarily a fantasy; that’s just what happens in Gato Roboto.

Gato Roboto is an interesting, pixelated black-and-white title for the Switch developed by Doinksoft and published by Devolver Digital for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Gato Roboto on the go

Like any affectionate pet, Kiki – who is totally at fault for crashing her captain’s space ship – looks to save him by fighting through an entire planet of weird creatures, frogs and robot-suited mice.

When she first exits the spaceship, she is only her feline self, which she can use to get through narrow corridors and look into secrets; but she quickly discovered a heavily armed and armored robotic suit.

Features of the game include exploring an underground labyrinth of a deep-space outpost that has a checkered and questionable past.

With the robot suit, Kiki can blast and dash her way through enemies using the agile mech suit. Its capacity is more than just shooting everything in sight, though, and include platformer abilities such as launching missiles downwards to blast upwards.

As mentioned above, when the going gets narrow and tight, Kiki can exit her mech suit and brave tiny spaces in order to look for items and hidden places that only a cat can access.

Just like a Metroid game, Kiki will need to explore the research outpost for pieces of equipment to upgrade her robot suit – including weapons and items – that will also help her open up new areas.

The game is simplistically rendered and uses an almost 8-bit sound – matching its black-and-white pixel retro look – that gives it an adorable feel. The captain of the ship also likes to talk to his cat when she’s out doing missions (helping him escape from the planet is very important).

The levels are side-scrolling and have some platforming to them and enemies that stand in Kiki’s path will need to be dispatched with guns and missiles. In some instances, Kiki will need to exit her protective mech suit, but she will quickly find a way to get back into it (or another one) and there are even underwater levels that involve a “mech submarine.”

The game also features various bosses with odd tricks that utilize the 2D space and spray weaponry in a sort of platforming “bullet hell” where Kiki will not only need to dodge incoming missiles but also return fire on her own if she hopes to rescue her captain before time runs out!

It’s not uncommon to see him chatting at the cat saying things such as, “Good kitty!”

To which Kiki can only respond, “Meow!” (She’s a cat, we don’t expect she has much else to say.)

Gato Roboto arrived on planet Earth on May 30 and it is available for the Nintendo Switch and the PC.