God of War for PS4 reimagines the father-son relationship amid Nordic gods

God of War for PS4

Kratos, and his son Atreus, venture forth from the confines of Greek mythology into the world of Norse mythology in the 2018 installment of God of War. The game frames itself by representing the father-son relationship between Kratos and Atreus and adds a layer of cooperative combat through a brand new, richly visualized world.

God of War (2018) is developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment as the erstwhile sequel to God of War III – although it is chronologically the eighth in the series.

In a major gameplay change, GoW switches from Kratos’s normal double-chain blades to a single magic battle-axe and a retracting shield to parry. The game spends a lot more time focused on the relationship Kratos is building, while also featuring the ever-expect dueling combat where Kratos is forced to beat and slice his way through foes.

The gameplay and camera of God of War set a different tone from the others

GoW uses an over-the-shoulder third-person camera for action-adventure gameplay, which is a departure from previous video games. It uses a continuous shot that never cuts away from the characters to deliver as much immersion with the game world as possible.

In combat, Kratos uses combo-based attacks that allow him to line up enemies and cut them down with carefully delivered blows. The game also features extremely large enemies that require precision shots in order to stagger or stun – they can also dominate the battlefield with wide sweeping attacks that must be avoided.

Throughout the game, Kratos and Atreus will face off against a multitude of enemies from Norse mythology including dark elves, wulvers, dragurs, as well as Gullveig and revenants.

All of the game is not combat, however, and there is a great deal of potential exploration as well. Atreus will notice side-quests and other areas that Kratos can then split from the main story and do smaller tasks. These tasks include discovering more Norse-based lore and even freeing imprisoned dragons such as Fáfnir, Otr, and Reginn.

Gorgeous settings and graphics couple with swelling music and sound design

The world of God of War is filled with peril, but also beautiful vistas and wonderfully rendered environments. This includes the craggy mountainside of Jötunheim that features a lot of sky and snowy mountatops, the ice-rimed realm of the dead Helheim, the expansive and forested and mystical realm of the light and dark elves Alfheim.

God of War -published by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Throughout each of these environments, Kratos and Atreus will find obstacles to traverse, paths to travel and enemies to fight. Each of them has carefully crafted models that set them apart from other characters and display detail that discerns them with outfits fitting to the expectations of Norse people and creatures.

The sound track of GoW was composed by Bear McCreary who is best known for his worl on Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead. McCreary’s music takes the previous games’ musical score, which use deep choirs, pounding drums, and shrieking bass, and reinvents them with a more Nordic touch.

God of War began building a father-son relationship in Midgard on April 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4.