Gravity Rush 2 brings the joy of gravity control to the PlayStation 4

Gravity Rush 2

In Gravity Rush 2 the control of gravity becomes the tool of trade for defeating enemies in an action-adventure genre of video game. The core mechanic is the player’s ability to manipulate gravity providing locomotion, navigation, and styles of attack.

A sequel to Gravity Rush, the game was developed by SIE Japan Studio’s Team Gravity division and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The game takes place immediately after the events of Gravity Rush and a prequel anime called Gravity Rush: The Animation Overture. The city of Hekseville suffered a gravitational disturbance and an entire district of the city is transported into a totally different dimension. From there, the player follows a storyline about this other dimension and the people that live there.

Everywhere in GR2 is filled with life and exploration is key to the game. The main character, Kat, uses gravity manipulation to move around and she needs special glowing crystals in order to upgrade her abilities. These crystals exist everywhere.

Explore everywhere because there’s always something new to be seen

At its heart, GR2 is an anime game and the graphics style extends this effect. As Kat explores cities and the floating island countryside, there is a distinct cartoonish art style to everything, focusing on sharp delineations and an almost cel-shaded effect.

In the cities, it is possible for Kat to talk to almost anyone wandering the streets. Non-player characters react organically to her falling from the sky, they will run from massive fights, and Kat even comes with a number of emotes (such as throwing gang signs) she can use to interact with people.

This is important because Kat is a photojournalist and much of the storyline revolves around her learning about the political nature of the city as she uses gravity to soar from place-to-place.

Movement is an interesting thing in GR2, since Kat’s ability to control gravity means that she can throw herself into the air and then “fall” forever upwards, sideways, or directly down, in order to get from place to play. It’s a strange sort of “flying” that operates on its own rules under the direct control of the player. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but it has its benefits – and it is a joy to use.

Gravity control movement isn’t so much “flying” as falling in style

Kat has three different gravity styles: one that is balanced that allows her to nimbly soar like she’s falling; a Lunar style, which makes Kat lightweight and floaty; and Jupiter style, which makes her heavy and fall hard, increasing the impact of her strikes when she slams into an opponent.

In fights, Kat can throw objects using gravity manipulation, but she can also gain some distance from a target, change styles (such as to Jupiter) and then use gravitation to pull her quickly towards a target and slam directly into it.

In all, GR2 is an interesting game that provides around 30 – 40 hours of entertainment, multiple large maps with a lot of things going on in them, and a political storyline that speaks to questions of corruption, oppression, and friendship. It is an enjoyable game that will pull at the heartstrings of players, especially those familiar with the anime genre.

Gravity Rush 2 began manipulating gravity on Jan. 20, 2017 in a worldwide release for PlayStation 4.