Prepare to die in the I Expect You To Die VR experience

I Expect You To Die VR

Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent in the same vein as 007 from the James Bond movie series while at the same time solving deadly puzzles? If you answered, “Yes,” to the above, then I Expect You To Die for PlayStation VR is the game for you.

The game was developed and published by Schell Games and is available for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

In IEYTD players will don their PSVR headset for PS4 or Rift/Vive on PC and take on the role of a secret agent who also has telekinetic powers. The objective of the game is for the agent to solve puzzles during tense and dangerous situations in order to complete objectives.

The game presents the player a series of missions, which are essentially VR “escape room” scenarios. The agent has access to a large number of various tools in their environment and clues that provide enough ideas on how to complete the escape.

No mission has a single solution in IEYTD and this really reveals a great deal of playability for the game.

I Expect You To Die combines cartoonish VR environments with British spy humor

The virtual environments, which are essentially “escape rooms” in I Expect You to Die are all highly polished, albeit slightly cartoonish, which contain everything the player needs to get through each mission successfully – or die horribly.

Each mission contains both visual and audio clues that must be used to understand the environment and collect the elements needed to solve the puzzle. Since the player always sits in one place, unmoving, the player must look around using the VR headset to get an idea of the room and find things that can be manipulated.

I Expect You To Die- playstation 4

Some environments also include elements that require the player to “dodge” by leaning out of the way of projectiles and lasers that might be fired at them. Fortunately, when this is about to happen, the game telegraphs clues as to what the player should do to avoid a gruesome death.

The game also makes excellent use of the VR controllers to provide a fairly lifelike manipulation of objects. This makes the game somewhat similar to simulators such as Car Mechanic Simulator VR.

Puzzles in I Expect You To Die can be nerve wracking but highly rewarding for solves

I Expect You To Die has seven missions in total and each one delivers a challenging experience involving time-critical puzzle solving. Each “escape room” mission allows for multiple potential solutions and a number of things that can go wrong.

As a result, players should expect a level of trial and error – and they should expect to die multiple times.

The game launched with an initial four missions to complete, but quickly received a free DLC that added three more. This means there are a total of seven missions to play through, each with their own humor and challenge involved.

I Expect You To Die started “unintentionally” killing agents in 2016 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 – the game supports PSVR on PS4 and Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and HTC Vive on Microsoft Windows.