Invisible Inc. brings turn-based stealth espionage action to consoles

Invisible Inc. brings turn-based stealth espionage action to consoles

Bring your A-game to the turn-based tactics stealth video game Invisible Inc. from Canadian independent studio Klei Entertainment.

With its gameplay, players are tasked with being a remote operator that will deploy on covert missions against multinational corporations, steal resources, learn secrets, and dominate using espionage and legerdemain.

Set in the year 2074, megacorporations have overtaken the world’s national governments and at the start of the game, Invisible Inc. has been compromised by corporate soldiers. This leads to the headquarters and most of its agents being lost.

This means that the agency’s leader, two agents, the player, Monst3r, and Incognita (a powerful AI) escaping. The AI can only be hosted on a very powerful computer and cannot survive for more than 72 hours, which sets the stage for the “ticking clock” of the game’s narrative.

Invisible Inc. is all about getting-in and getting-out X-COM style or dying fast

Closest match to Invisible Inc. is the X-COM genre, with its isometric view and turn-based movement across the maps, except, unlike X-COM you do not want to get spotted.

And when you do, it’s an arms race to either get away with the gear or overwhelm the enemy with ECM to extract before it’s too late.

Invisible Inc. is all about having the right tools to succeed, and knowing how to use the right agents for the job. Since agent movement and is limited by action points. Move wrong, or get through a door too fast – and get exposed – you could end up in a bad position and blow the entire operation.

Often the answer is: take it slow, sneak up, keep that melee stun device in reserve, waiting for the guard to make another round, and then lay them low. It’s a game of patience, of serving revenge cold.

Invisible Inc

Watching the clock is just as much planning as a well-oiled machine

Invisible Inc. isn’t just about every turn-based mission going well, but about making sure each resource and agent has been deployed and picked properly. Since those 72 hours are meaningful. This is also very similar to how punishing the X-COM genre can go in that every decision – even early on – can become a fulcrum change later on.

Although the player starts with two default agents at the beginning, with bog-standard abilities, those transform quickly into specialized abilities that allow focused capabilities such as powers and hacking. These open up mid-game abilities that provide more opportunities and other unlocks that provide paths that will become more obvious late game.

Understanding the stealth-based gameplay really reveals the underlying importance of seeing the big picture both in the mission game design and picking where to go in the beginning, mid-game, and late game when trying to figure out how to prepare to deploy Incognita and finally win the game.

Invisible Inc. first launched for Windows, OS X, and Linux in 2015 and then came to PlayStation 4 in 2016 – but came to Nintendo Switch on June 15 of 2020.