Mad Games Tycoon: Learn to sink or swim in this game dev sim

Mad Games Tycoon: Learn to sink or swim in this game dev sim

Ever wondered what it might be like to be a game developer and publisher and just don’t have the millions of dollars that it takes to build a studio? Look no further than Mad Games Tycoon, a game that acts as a little bit of an advanced simulator of the experience for fans of that genre.

Mad Games Tycoon is both developed and published by Eggcode and it puts the player in the position of putting together a game studio in the early 1980s out of a small garage.

Like any other Tycoon-style simulator, MGT has players build up their studio with some cash, hire employees, buy equipment, and develop a game. Over time, if the studio does well, the player can upgrade to larger buildings, buy more equipment, prepare more rooms, and hire even more employees.

Learn the ins and outs of the game development industry in this Tycoon sim

It should be noted that MGT has something of a learning curve, it’s not an easy game to fully understand or play, especially from the beginning. Experts in the Tycoon and Sims-style genres will find most of its user interface and game systems understandable, but beginners may find it extremely challenging.

The graphics of MGT are not that good, especially for the generation of game, and it has a quality similar to the first generation of Sims games. The music can also get extremely repetitive, especially given the long periods of time that the game is intended to play over. So many players might want to turn it off and play their own.

Players will also find the tutorial extremely lacking, as it barely explains how to play. It does give players enough knowledge on how to set rooms, buy equipment, and hire employees – from there on out the beginning garage devs are on their own.

There are some flaws, but Mad Games Tycoon makes up for it with depth

There, however, ends the issues that most players will find with the game. As a Tycoon game, it has an amazing level of depth of systems, this is what makes it such an advanced game to play, but it also means that it takes the game a long time before it begins to become repetitive and boring; it remains challenging for many hours.

Mad Games Tycoon-NINTENDO

The game studio that players run can choose to take a fair number of different avenues for making money. Players can choose to develop their own game, run a massively multiplayer online game, become a publisher and have people come to them with games, or even design and license out a game engine.

Just like the gaming industry, as players produce and put their first products on the market, they can expect them to fail and fail often. A large part of the game is all about receiving feedback from audiences about how well their product is doing. Getting the product right, and keeping the gamers who play the game happy, is a huge part of making money.

Even for all its flaws, Mad Game Tycoon sets itself apart from other games of its type due to the amount of depth the game has and the large number of ways a player can choose to make money. It gives the game a particular level of replayability. Do well as a game developer? Why not try out being a game publisher instead.

In short, MGT might only be a video game window into the world of making games, but it’s still fun to look into it.

Mad Game Tycoon began developing virtual games on Jan. 5, 2015, and is available for Microsoft Windows PCs, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, MacOS, and Linux.