My Friend Pedro: Bananas, bullets, and blood all in a violent dance of badass

My Friend Pedro

Imagine that you have an imaginary friend, Pedro. Pedro would like you to be the biggest badass in the world – he also wants you to kill people. Pedro is also a banana. And now you have My Friend Pedro from DeadToast Entertainment.

My Friend Pedro is a 2D bullet ballet shooter that involves killing enemies in the most stylish, badass fashion possible using guns, the environment, and slowed time. Each level is populated with enemies, who are usually also armed, and the objective is to kill them as quickly as possible without being hit. Scoring hits and kills keep a combo meter going.

The game was developed by DeadToast Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital.

Not quite bullet hell, not quite a bullet puzzle

Avoiding the spray of return fire, the must hero of the game can parkour through levels, leap from walls, and pirouette through the air.

It is also possible to ricochet bullets off objects, which can be used to perform kills where enemies cannot shoot back. It is also possible to kick parts of dead enemies around to create confusion and add to the combo counter. This ability to kick objects and ricochet bullets comes in handy throughout the game and is even featured when bouncing bullets off frying pans (as seen in the announcement trailer).

Graphically, My Friend Pedro has somewhat simplistic graphics that are used to help the player pay attention to the action instead of getting tied up in details. Environments are striking and clearly themed, with areas such as a kitchen, a sewer, and other obviously urban areas. When in bullet time, they seem a lot like dollhouses, or models, with a sort of tilt-shift effect happening as the nameless hero turns through the air, his guns coughing out bullets as enemies explode into sprays of blood and combo numbers.

Often the most important things on the screen during any scene are the hero, the bad guys, and flying bullets.

Bullets are represented by bright, obvious yellow lines – fired by both the hero and the enemies on a stage. This makes tracking what’s happening a lot easier, especially when ricochets are being used to rack up more kills.

When your friend is an imaginary banana, killing everyone makes more sense

As for the story, My Friend Pedro is extremely light. It has a play time of approximately four to five hours and most of the story is narrated by Pedro, the imaginary banana with a murderous streak. Unfortunately for Pedro, as friendly as he is, there really isn’t that many dimensions to his desires: he wants you to kill people and that’s all that matters.

My Friend Pedro-nintendo

Really, in the end, the action-puzzle shooter aspect of My Friend Pedro is what it’s about and a story would probably get in the way. Much of the game focuses on the badass, stylish bullet dance, the combo meter, and figuring out how to properly dispatch levels full of enemies.

My Friend Pedro started a gunfight in June 2019 for PC and Nintendo Switch, then it migrated to Xbox One in December.