Super Mario Maker 2: Create and share your own side-scrolling worlds

Super Mario Maker 2-Nintendo Switch

In Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch, a sequel to the Wii U game, players will be able to construct and share their own Super Mario courses with friends as well as play and compete in courses made by other players

This game is both a side-scrolling platform game and a game creation system for the same. Players are given assets from numerous versions of Super Mario including the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U – as well as new assets based on the Super Mario 3D World.

The creation mode of the game is extremely comprehensive and provides a vast number of tools for building 2D, platforming levels exactly like those seen in previous games. This includes various types of blocks, enemies, triggers and even new assets from the 3D World game.

Opening up the creative side of Super Mario Bros. to everyone

Some of the new assets include exclamation blocks that extend themselves when struck, spiky vine chomps that can be directed and transparent glass tubes. All of the levels can be set in various environments as well such as grasslands, underwater and underground. It is also possible to switch between day and night – this can cause environments to behave differently such as having Goombas float, lowered gravity and going upside down.

According to reports, switching to night can also cause certain bonus items in the game to transform themselves into something far more sinister.

The creation side of the game certainly has a lot to reward makers for experimentation through play.

Story Mode proves that building a castle costs a lot of gold coins

Super Mario Maker 2

In addition to the creative options, the game also includes a new single-player campaign known as Story Mode. In Story Mode, the player is tasked to help rebuild Princess Peach’s castle after it has been presumably destroyed in a battle with Bowser. Toad and Toadette act as foremen on the site to give Mario tasks to undertake to fund the castle construction process.

Mario must then go through 100 Nintendo-created courses in order to collect enough coins to build the castle. Other non-player characters can also offer Mario tasks to complete that will earn him more coin.

Super Mario Maker 2 also introduced co-op course creation that allows up to two players to locally create stages at the same time. And, just because friendship is cruel, the game also added a four-player online mode where players can compete in user-made levels to reach the end first – the mode essentially has “friendly fire” on, which means that players can leap off friends or rebound off them.

A Nintendo Switch Online account is required before players can access the online functionality and player-made content. It will also allow players to more readily share their creations with their friends and the Internet at large.