The Outer Worlds

the outer worlds video game

The Outer Worlds – Welcome To The Future

The Outer Worlds, a science fiction open-ended RPG by Obsidian Entertainment, hit the shelves October 25 to great acclaim.

The game is currently available across most major platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The company has even reported that it will port the game to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020.

In many ways, The Outer Worlds is a game a lot like the Fallout series – with a curiously backwater planet overwhelmed by corporate greed, bandits and hostile wildlife. The game mechanics remind players of Fallout: New Vegas, and this isn’t a problem: that game set the tone for fairly good RPG mechanics and gameplay.

Players who jump into The Outer Worlds will find themselves playing a space colonist who has been recently awoken on a distant planet. However, things go wrong right from the beginning: this is not a standard defrosting of personnel for a new colony – instead your colony ship has been abandoned and forgotten for decades.

This means that while you slept, the rest of the planet, now populated and highly industrialized, has gone on without you. For better or worse, that going on has not been kind to the colony. As it has seen better days and is currently failing even under the management of a corporate entity called The Board.

The game features a first-person perspective and provides fairly deep character creation, which is well known for Obsidian. Players will also unlock their own ship during gameplay, which will operate as a sort of home base and hub of operations going forward.

The ship won’t fly (sorry), but it does act as a sort of fast travel hub to access different geographical regions in the game. It’s also where the player can store their stuff – and there is a lot of “stuff” in this game. The ship features a series of lockers near the front door that act as the player’s stash.

the outer world video game

As an RPG, players will progress by earning experience points that convert into skill unlocks. These skills are broken up into three major categories: Science, Medical, and Engineering. Investing points into these skills will enhance their efficiency and unlock new perks.

For example, there is an actual-real shrink ray that can be used to shrink down enemies. This is a Science weapon from Phineas’ Lab and represents some of the sillier elements of the game, but it also helps understand the tone that Obsidian has set for its game.

The Outer Worlds launch has received a fairly good reception from the industry, media, and audiences. The game review aggregator Metacritic gave it a rating of 82 out of 100 and a player score of 8.0. That’s a fairly solid rating for any newly released game of this type.

The game will not be available on Steam until 2020 but you can find it for XBox and PS4 on Amazon.