Tokyo Warfare Turbo: When anime girls and tanks collide

Tokyo Warfare Turbo: When anime girls and tanks collide

Describing Tokyo Warfare Turbo requires a particular level of cartoonish panache because you’ve got anime girls in tanks shooting at each other. Anything less simply defies the total weird excitement of this 3D arcade tank battle simulation.

Tokyo Warfare Turbo was developed and published by Pablo Vidaurre Sanz and it is a fast-paced arcade tank shooter where battles take place in Japanese locations.

TWT pits multiple different types of vehicles together in a few different battle arenas including a wide-open arena, a loading dock filled with fences, cranes, and shipping containers, a city block with buildings and shops, and a bonus desert and snowy map.

There are six different factions, all world powers, from whom tanks from various different eras – from World War II to modern-day – can be unlocked. There are no restrictions on what tanks from what periods can be teamed up, it’s just a zany free-for-all when it comes down to it.

Always choose anime graphics, something about cell shading and tanks makes it better

For graphics, players can choose between HD or anime. In HD mode, the game does feel crisper and the 3D models are rendered with a careful fidelity, but the explosions and hits are still splashy special effects designed to show impacts. In anime mode, everything has a somewhat cell-shaded slightly anime looks to it, and the game looks and feels a little bit cornier.

The audio in the game includes the roar of tank engines, the boom of turrets firing, and explosions, naturally. However, there is also loud J-pop music that can be played and the tank crew (with configurable voices) shout out in victory and cry out when damaged.

There are three different game modes to choose from: Survival, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch.

All of the modes will be familiar to anyone who plays shooters. Survival pits multiple tank crews together in one arena and it’s a battle of attrition until only one tank survives. Deathmatch is a free-for-all until the timer is up or enough kills are scored, with tanks respawning. And Team Deathmatch, where two teams go at it until the timer is up or enough kills are scored.

Pull down the tank commander hatch, only one of us is getting out of this arena alive!

Tokyo Warfare Turbo- xbox one

Tank controls are extremely arcade driven, but with some tank simulation, where it’s possible to aim the turret in a different direction than movement. There are also three different point-of-view modes, two of which are first-person (looking out of the cockpit) and one is a third-person view.

The turret reticle does have a time-on-target depending on the tank type and after firing there is a reload time. Tanks with extremely heavy turrets do fire slower but hit much harder, and other tanks can come with smaller but more rapidly firing guns.

In the end, some tank battles do come down to choosing the type of tank that fits your playstyle best: would you rather have a loud, lumbering behemoth capable of dishing out and taking a lot of punishment? Or something tiny, speedy, that unleashes stinging torrents of smaller bullets before speeding off again to avoid the return salvo.

Tokyo Warfare Turbo started shelling its opponents on Feb. 20, 2019, on Xbox One and Windows PCs.