Untitled Goose Game

untitled goose game

The Untitled Goose Game now terrorizing English villagers everywhere

Do you live in an idyllic English village set amidst bucolic forests and a pastoral landscape? No? That’s probably good – because there’s a game out now about a goose that has been terrorizing people who live in such a (now not so) peaceful town called Untitled Goose Game.

Developed by indie video game studio House House, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, this game puts players in the interesting position of being an instrument of pure chaos and mayhem: a goose.

Much of the Earth’s population is unaware of exactly how dastardly geese happen to be. That’s about to change.

Untitled Goose Game is available on Nintendo Switch.

In Untitled Goose Game, players get to play a goose – exactly what it says on the tin – they can honk, run, flap their wings and grab object with its beak. All of the above will become absolutely necessary to complete the objectives of this game.

Untitled Goose Game takes its inspiration from Super Mario 64 and the Hitman game series. Most of the quest objectives in the game require a particular type of goose-based gameplay that successfully combines stealth with a lack of violence to create a game that generates humorous in-game scenarios.

The non-player characters in the game have a restricted field of view and, for the most part, they’re going about their daily lives unhindered. Until the goose arrives on scene. The game places objectives for the goose to complete before moving onto different areas of the village.

Untitled Goose Game

Like a stealth game, the objectives ask the goose to do things that disrupt the lives of villagers. However, unlike a stealth game the objectives are not to remain hidden the entire time – but instead to attract the attention of the villages but not get caught.

Say there’s a townie tending to her garden, but she just happens to be near an untended sprinkler? A goose is perfectly situated to sneak in behind the gardener while she pulls carrots, slide past her when she turns to put them in a basket, and use its beak to turn the sprinkler on. Honk!

And then there’s also the chance to just be a bastard. As it turns out, some children are terrified of geese (as if we don’t know why by now)! So, the goose can walk up to a child on the street, flap its wings and honk threateningly – and then abscond with the child’s glasses after they fall off.

The goose in this game is an interesting character all by itself.

Its model is somewhat low-polygon, with a very simple mesh and texture – along with most of the game, which gives it an unthreatening cartoon look – but it also comes with a lot of animations that set its mood. As the goose waddles through the village, looking for potential terror to incite, its little tail flips back and forth. With the press of a button, its chest can also puff out and feathers ruffle.

Untitled Goose Game strikes a lovely transposition of wildlife run amok and stealth gameplay that could captivate any player for hours.

It may also leave a strange sense of paranoia about what the geese in the nearby pond might be up to…