Yoshi’s Crafted World is a miniature adventure in a world of crafts

Yoshi’s Crafted World -nintendo

In this, the eighth installment of the main Yoshi franchise, everyone’s favorite egg-launching dinosaur must traverse a world of handicrafts. Crafts as in felt, origami, wool, yarn, and other “crafty” components. All of this comes together to create a whimsical, fun environment for a side-scrolling 2.5D platformer adventure game.

Developed by Good-Feel and published worldwide by Nintendo, Yoshi’s Crafted World brings together many of the elements of a Mario game with Yoshi’s particular playstyle – where 3D characters move in a 2.5D world, leap, float and fire eggs – and friends — at enemies to complete objectives.

The entire world is made of handicraft items and toys, which brings with it a sense of scale. Yoshi is just large enough to roll tiny inflated balls, run over origami objects (which are buttressed by drinking straws) and interact with sewn-on buttons.

Throw eggs at enemies and pieces of scenery alike in order to unlock secrets

As Yoshi traverses the world to complete the major plot points, he will need to open up areas and kill enemies. This is done

As for platforming, Yoshi is capable of leaping and hovering for quite some time. This makes it very easy to get through even the most challenging areas – and the challenge is not tough. The vision of Yoshi’s world is not to make it difficult on players, but to make sure they enjoy their time and get a chance to look for items hidden in the levels.

To make the game repayable, Yoshi’s Crafted World includes a game system called “the Flip-Side.”

On the Flip-Side, the entire world is rotated 180-degrees so that the backside of buildings, objects and other landscape elements is visible. With this game mode set, Yoshi is able to see behind buildings and other obstacles and find hidden coins, objects and scavenger items that would be otherwise impossible to grab.

The game also features a two-player multiplayer mode that gives two players, on the couch, control of their own Yoshi’s through the game’s platforming levels.

Yoshi’s Crafted World also comes with a cute and engaging story

At the beginning of the game, Kamek and Baby Bowser get themselves into trouble on Yoshi Island by stealing what is known as the Sundream Stone. This stone, a fundamental force of the universe, is said to “make anyone’s wildest dreams come true.”

Instead of this happening, Kamek and Baby Bowser accidentally send it flying across the world, scattering its gemstones everywhere. Yoshi then must travel forth and collect the gems again to restore it to its former glory.

This trek involves platforming, scavenger hunts, getting allies and opening up new regions of the world. There are also a few boss fights along the way against interesting, craft-based foes including a giant robot built by Baby Bowser called “The Great King Bowser” and even eventually Baby Bowser himself.

Yoshi’s Crafted World crafted itself worldwide on March 29 and is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.